Pacific Crest Trail, Week 8 1/2, Burney to Belden, 7.8.17

Yes, week 8 1/2.  This is because my town stops are not exactly aligned with the weeks I have been on the trail.  Maybe week 9 will be more accurate.

I am still hiking south back to the Sierra, so it was time to say good-bye to the views of Mt. Shasta and hello to the views of Mt. Lassen.  

To celebrate the 4th of July, I hiked through Lassen Volcanic National Park, a very lovely park.  

More beautiful views and trail coming up on the way to Sierra City.

Sunset view of Mt. Shasta from the Hat Creek Rim.

Cowboy camping on the Hat Creek Rim at the old communication tower.  No need for tents with no insects!

Entering Lassen Volcanic National Park.  There is a new requirement to use bear canisters for overnight stay in the park, so we hiked the 19 miles of the park in a day, so we didn’t have to camp.

Mt. Lassen seen just below entering the national park.

Crossing a small snowfield.  We have not encountered much snow, but there are a few patches here and there.

Pretty cascade on the way to Belden.  The trail descended a long way down a valley with rivers and streams.

Single lane bridge into Belden, a very small old mining town on the Feather River.  The trail goes right over the bridge.


4 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail, Week 8 1/2, Burney to Belden, 7.8.17

  1. Summerset,

    You are doing great! Wow, Shasta and Lassen are huge and you know that you aren’t New England! Good decision to flip. So many people call the Sierra section (JMT) the best trail in the world so I am sure you won’t regret hiking it in more enjoyable conditions. Savor the journey! The most epic survival feat I have accomplished so far this summer is navigating the urban wilds of New Jersey for a wedding…


    • Nope – not in New England anymore! I certainly don’t envy your epic journey to NJ, but I am glad you survived! Thanks, I will enjoy the journey.

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