Hiking Boy Mountain In New Hampshire – Short & Steep 11.29.2020

Today’s AMC WMNF trail guide redlining quest took us to Boy Mountain.

Along Rt. 2 in Jefferson, we parked on the shoulder across the street from the stone wall with the spring, then road walked a short distance to Boismont Drive. The trailhead is at the end of the driveway between the house and the shed just to the right.

You really are walking uncomfortably close to someone’s home assuming you’re sensitive to trespassing on private property. But, as we walked up the driveway, the homeowner was on the porch and cheerily pointed us to the trailhead just up the slope and wished us a good hike.

As you pass the shed and head up the hill, look for a sign reading “Trail” to your right. Don’t be tempted by the wide trail off to the left. That is not the way.

You see where Pom Pom is standing? This is the way. It looks like a game trail, but it’s correct. The trail widens as you get a little higher. Follow the arrows, and you’ll be at the summit in no time. There’s a bench where you can relax and take in the view.

It was cloudy this morning, but we still got a nice scene from the viewing area.

The summit itself is unmarked and indistinct. There was no canister or jar that we could find. Here’s Pom Pom surveying the summit area.

We were up and down the hill in an hour, and that included taking our time at the summit to poke around. It’s a steep little trail, but quite short.

See you out there, fellow redliners.

3 thoughts on “Hiking Boy Mountain In New Hampshire – Short & Steep 11.29.2020

  1. Nice post. Unless I was redlining, like you guys, or lived close by, I wouldn’t go there. Did you include something else while you were there?

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