Pacific Crest Trail, Week 9, Belden to Sierra City, 7.13.17

Another section of trail is done and the terrain is changing slightly.  The last few days it is starting to look more like the Sierra.  That makes sense, since I am getting closer to them.  In just a couple of weeks, I hope to be in Yosemite National Park.

The 1000 mile mark was passed this week, which is a big milestone.  Lookinh foreward to more miles and South Lake Tahoe as the next stop.

The PCT is also open for equstrian use.  This guy, his horse, pack horse and dog are going to do the whole trail.  This was the first and only thru-rider we have seen.

The Feather River.  I think we crossed quite a few branches of this river.  Thankfully they had bridges.

1000 miles!

Because the snow has just melted out, there are blowdowns which the trail crews have not been able to remove yet.  This is one large one we had to climb over.

Morning view from the trail of the Sierra Buttes.


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