Pacific Crest Trail, Week 21, Cascade Locks, 7.16.18

Leaving Big Lake Youth Camp, it was only 8 days until Cascade Locks and the finish of Oregon.  In between, was Mt. Hood, which has Timberline Lodge, useful for resupply and a few real meals.  Timberline also graciously lets hikers camp up in the trees behind the lodge and holds resupply boxes.

The weather changed dramatically in this section.  For the first two weeks, it was colder than I’d expected – cold enough at night to wear base layers and in the morning to wear them for quite a while before warming up.  The afternoons also had a nice breeze, so hiking was easy and cool.  This week was not that.  It became really hot, at least to this New Englander, which meant paying attention to water sources and being smart about how many miles and how fast.

At the end of the week, it was really nice to see the Columbia River, the border between Oregon and Washington and the Bridge of the Gods again.  Even better was my hotel room and a shower!

Oregon continues to surprise with the scenery.  This is Three Finger Jack.


Campsite at Rockpile Lake was really nice the previous evening, not so much the next morning! 


Fast moving, stream of glacial meltwater on Mt. Jefferson.  This one we had to ford, but found a safe spot.  


Mt. Jefferson, Oregon.


Snowfields on the shoulder of Mt. Jefferson.  This was a bit a fun since we had not had large snowfields on the PCT since the Sierra last year.  


Volcano view from Mt. Jefferson.  On the far left is Mt. St. Helens, in the middle is Mt. Adams and on the far right is Mt. Hood.


Ollalie Lake with a view of Mt. Jefferson, just .1 mile from trail and a great place to eat lunch and buy chips and ice cream, too.


Mt. Hood, Oregon.


Yes, they are still skiing and riding at Mt. Hood, up on the high snowfields/glaciers.  


View of the other side of Mt. Hood.


The Columbia River which separates Oregon and Washington.  Almost done with Oregon!


Bridge of the Gods.  I walked over the bridge into Washington last year, so all I needed to do was make it back to the bridge entrance.


Sunset over the Columbia River.  I was fortunate enough to get a hotel room that faced the river.


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