Pacific Crest Trail, Week 18, Manning Park, 9.16.17

Stevens Pass to Manning Park was a section filled with a whole spectrum of emotions. This section, not quite 200 miles, is the beginning of the end. It is exciting to end but yet sad to end. Add to that an exciting stop at a bakery and threat of trail closure due to another forest fire and it quite a hike to the finish.
After the first 108 miles of the section, we came to one of the most talked about trail stops, Stehekin. Stehekin is a wonderful very small town accessed only by foot, ferry or float plane. It also happens to have a very, very good bakery, a stop on the Forest Service bus ride from the trail crossing into town. For hungry hikers, this was an irresistible draw up the trail. It certainly lived up to the hype with all sorts of delicious goodies.

Leaving Stehekin, there were only 90 miles plus the anxiety of a possible trail closure due to fire. So close to the end yet so far away! Everyone was questioning whether we would all make it to Canada. Thank God, though, the trail remained open and four days later we walked across the border and into Canada.

It has been quite the year on the PCT and the adventure is not over yet. Due to many miles of trail closure in Oregon, including a crucial resupply, Oregon will wait until next year.

More final thoughts on the trail later!

Beautiful trail through the forest, looks almost like home.

Nice undercast in the valley:

A fun bridge crossing on the only rainy day we had in Washington.  We were very fortunate that there was only one day of rain in almost four weeks of hiking in Washington.

Yard sale!  That’s the term we use for drying everything out on a sunny morning after the rain the day before.

Stunning scenery in Washington:

The bus that makes the trip from Stehekin to the trail crossing.  The lake in the background is Lake Chelan, one of the largest in Washington.

Early morning sun lighting up the ridges ahead:

Last sunrise of this hike.  We were often hiking before sunrise, so we got to see some beautiful sunrises.

The border of the US and Canada.  The border cut extends all the way across between the two countries.  

Manning Park, Canada!  The end point for this year’s adventure.

4 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail, Week 18, Manning Park, 9.16.17

  1. Conrads on finishing to Canada. You can’t control fires. I wish I was there too. Nice to have met you on the trail. Boone

    • Boone! Thanks for stopping by! Good to hear from you and thanks for the congrats! It was quite a year on the PCT. You’re right, we could not control the fires. Oregon will be there next year.

  2. Summerset,

    I just read your last two entries. Don’t feel bad about not getting all of Oregon this year. Not being in control of everything is what makes it (and life) an adventure. Congrats on 2100 plus miles this summer! Basically that’s the length of an AT thru hike with grander scenery and new ecosystems. Savor the memories and experiences, what a rich summer it has been for you. And most of all we are glad you had safety on your journey. Annabelle will be happy to hear you are finally done walking.

    John and the girls

  3. Thank you so much, John! I agree – we can not control everything. On the plus side, I get to go back to Oregon next summer. Well, provided it is not still on fire. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers from each of you!!! I certainly needed them.

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