Pacific Crest Trail, Week 17, Stevens Pass, 9.7.17

Despite hiking in smoke forthe past four days, everyone seems to be in a good mood upon arriving at Stevens Pass. This is the next to the last resupply and the last chance for internet until Manning Park, Canada.

The smoke is from forest fires, which we had hoped to escape from by coming to Washington from Oregon. Speaking of Oregon, conditions are worse there, with more trail closures including much of Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake presents the worst problem as it is a major resupply point in a long section. There are only small sections that can be hiked, and without a car it is hard to get to them.

Due to less trail to walk, physical problems due to hiking in smoky conditions for too long, and then not even be able to see things like Crater Lake and Mt. Hood, we have decided to wait until next year to hike Oregon and go home from Manning Park. I will have hiked about 2180 miles this year, which is quite a bit considering the snow, high water, heat waves and fires. I am a bit sad to leave that section and the trail unfinished, but if conditions were different, I would be heading to Oregon after arriving in Canada.  

I do have one larger future hiking goal and I really think hiking as much of Oregon as possible, when it reopens will be for the best.

Next report from Manning Park!

Cool section of trail along a ledge:

Rocky scenery with cascade.  This is about as good as the views get with the smoke.

Rocky gorge with cascade:

Have I mentioned how dusty this trail is?!? Every night my feet look like this:

Huckleberry milkshake.  One of the perks of hiking in Washington!

One thought on “Pacific Crest Trail, Week 17, Stevens Pass, 9.7.17

  1. So sorry you won’t get to complete the entire trail, but thanks for sharing your months of experiences. We have enjoyed following you on your journey.

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