Pacific Crest Trail, Weeks 15 and 16, White Pass, WA, 8.30.17

After few days off to prepare for Washington state and getting up to Cascade Locks, OR, I was ready to get back to to the trail!  

The state line between OR and WA on the PCT is the Columbia River, crossed by walking over the Bridge of the Gods which is used primarily by vehicles. That was a different experience, as there really is not much room for pedestrians and the bridge deck is metal grating.  

Washington so far is a beautiful state and in some places looks much like New England as far as the vegetation. The trail itself has a nicer treadway and has switchbacks, features not always found at home.

Goat Rocks Wilderness is an area much talked about on the PCT, and for good reason. The part of the trail that is above treeline has spectacular views and walks along a knife edge ridge. The views were somewhat obscured due to smoke from forest fires, but still dramatic. The next morning, I did get a dramatic view of Mt. Rainier as the wind blew out some of the smoke – a real treat!

Up next: more Washington!

My partner crossing the Bridge of the Gods at Cascade Locks, OR into Washington State:

Giant slug.  Looks like something else.  Either way you do not want to step on it!

Huckleberries!  Extra food.  Sort of like a blueberry, but tastes like a cross between an apple and a banana.

Alpen glow on Mt. Adams as seen from my tentsite for the night.

Goat Rocks knife edge, the trail is the line up the edge:

View of Mt. Rainer from the trail, a nice surprise after the smoke of the previous day:

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