Pacific Crest Trail, Week 12, The Sierra, 8.11.17

After almost 1400 miles of hiking, I arrived in the high Sierra.  Because of the flip up and hike south back to the Sierra, this was a highly anticipated section of trail.  It did not disappoint.

The Sierra were beautiful with high alpine lakes, lots of deer and other wildlife (did not see any bears, though).  An added bonus was that the snow levels on the passes and water levels in the creeks were manageable.  This is exactly what I was hoping for by flipping up to northern California and hiking back south to the Sierra. 

Now that the dots have been connected for the first 1500 miles, I will be heading back north to hike toward Canada to finish the journey.

Glad there was a bridge over this creek.  The deepest and fastest creeks had bridges, much to my relief after fording many knee deep creeks or walking over logs over creeks.

Look back from Selden Pass to high alpine lakes.  Most of the passes had these sorts of lakes on either side.

Muir Hut at the top of Muir Pass.  It is a refuge for bad weather.

Look back to the valley from the top of Mather Pass.

One of the Rae Lakes below Glenn Pass.

Top of Forester Pass, just over 13,000 feet, the highest point on the PCT.

No snow chute on Forester Pass!  Because of the deep cleft in the pass, snow collects here and makes for a tricky traverse.  There is a tiny bit left and not even on the trail.

Marmot!  I saw several marmots in the high elevations.

Look back up to Forester Pass.  It is the notch almost in the center of the photo right above a snowfield.

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