Pacific Crest Trail, Weeks 10 and 11, Sierra City to Mammoth Lakes, CA, 7.30.17

Over 200 miles later and I finally am some place with enough signal to put up a short post with some photos! The section I just hiked did not have much signal at all, even at some of the resupply stops.  
The hiking through this part of California has been changing a bit. The lush northern forests have been left behind for the moment to be replaced by the rocks, lakes, meadows and pine forests of the northern Sierra and Yosemite National Park. The scenery is wonderful and hard to capture in photographs!

I have passed 1300 miles and the half way point recently. Up next is the high Sierra and then a quick road trip back to Castella, CA to start heading north again to Canada.

Looking back to Dick’s Lake after crossing Dick’s Pass.  It is still frozen due to the high amount of snow from the past winter and melt out rate.

Echo Lake, a large lake with many outdoor activities.  The trail goes from the mountains in the distance all along the side of the lakejist above it and around the bottom making for some great views.

General store at Kennedy Meadows North, a working pack station/ranch/resort in the northern Sierra.  Nice place to resupply but no internet or cell service.  

Dorothy Lake, near the northern trail entrance to Yosemite National Park:

The Tuolomne River in the evening near Glen Aulin in Yosemite National Park:

Part of Tuolomne Falls.  The falls are very tall, and the trail winds up near them for about a half mile for some great views.

1300 miles!

Thousand Island Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness:

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