Pacific Crest Trail, Week 6, Mojave to Kennedy Meadows, 6.21.17

On the PCT, one of the milestones is making it to Kennedy Meadows and with good reason. Kennedy Meadows signifies the end of the desert section and the start of the Sierra. Like probably every other PCT hiker before me, I was thrilled to walk into Kennedy Meadows.  

We had just hiked the past five days in a heat wave in the desert, which made the arrival at Kennedy Meadows that much sweeter. I have a new appreciation for the plants and animals that can survive in those conditions, but I do not plan on becoming a permanent resident of the desert myself.  

Now that the desert is done, it is time for the next part of the hike. Details in the next post!

Getting to see wildlife is one of the fun things about hiking.  There are actually two bucks in this photo.

Water cache at mile 616. Water caches are greatly appreciated during the long stretches of desert without water sources.  This was one of two in a 44 mile waterless section.  The people who maintain these caches are true trail angels. 

Getting closer to Kennedy Meadows there is the Kern River, the most water we had seen in weeks!

Heading into Kennedy Meadows.  The landscape is changing to more forest than scrub, another sign that the Sierras are closer.

700 miles, over 25% done with the trail.  It seems to be going by quickly.


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