Pacific Crest Trail, Week 5, Agua Dulce to Mojave, 6.13.17

I’m still hiking in the desert, but should be done with the desert in a little over a week. I’ve been on the trail over a month, but it doesn’t seem like it – the miles are flying by. In fact, I went over the 500 mark this week.
The weather has been cooler in this stretch which has been a tremendous blessing. Most of the terrain is treeless, so shade is hard to come by. This of course is good for the lizards and snakes but not so good for us when we encounter rattlesnakes that refuse to move. It took quite a few rocks launched by a fellow German hiker to get a rattler off trail this week.

Mostly the PCT winds up and down hills and around canyons on switchbacks. This week there was something new – flat ground which was in fact the Los Angeles Aqueduct. This made for very fast hiking, at least for that section! this section also had several wind farms. It was easy to figure out why they were located there – the winds were in the 30-40mph range with higher gusts.

Next up: finishing the desert section!

Unique trail marker.  There are no blazes on the PCT, just markers on posts, usually at intersections or roads.

500 miles!

View across the Antelope Valley to the Tehachapi Mountains.  In the next few days, I would walk across the valley and into the mountains.

What this sign tells me is that I should have brought my Coleman stove.  Bummer.  Could have had steak for dinner.  Just kidding, in all seriousness, this area is so dry that fires are a real problem.  All stoves need to have a shut off valve.    No campfires or charcoal bbqs.

Open portion of the Los Angeles Aqueduct early in the morning.

More LA Aqueduct.  It is flowing the partially buried black tube.

Sunrise in the Tehachapi Mountains.

Wind farm.  There are hundreds of windmills all over the hills taking advantage of the winds.


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