Pacific Crest Trail, Week 4, Cajon Pass to Agua Dulce, 6.6.17

It has been a week contrasts! The hike out of Cajon Pass started in the desert.  As the elevation in the San Gabriel Mountains was in the 6,000 to 8,000 foot range there were beautiful pine forests.  Included in this week’s hiking was a trip to Mt. Baden Powell, named for the founder of the Boy Scouts. The higher elevation hiking was cooler, making it easier to hike all day, but near the end of the week, the desert terrain and heat was back!
I passed the 400 mile mark and will be passing the 500 mile mark soon on the way to the next stop: Mojave, CA.

Here are the photos:

A train going through Cajon Pass:

One advantange of being at the higher elevations is being able to see undercasts, like this one:

Summit of Baden Powell, sorry for the blurry photo – not sure what was on the lens.

Sunrise.  Another perk of the PCT is getting to see sunrises when being up early to make miles or beat the heat.

400 miles – it is going by quickly!

Typical desert trail.  Sunny, hot and scrubby.

Poodle dog bush.  This stuff is something to be avoided, supposedly worse than poison oak and poison ivy.  Easy to identify since it smells like marijuana.

Part of Vasquez Rocks.  Many tv shows and movies have been filmed here. 


One thought on “Pacific Crest Trail, Week 4, Cajon Pass to Agua Dulce, 6.6.17

  1. Really great pictures. I remember this area well. Can’t believe no snow on Baden Powell. Keep it up. Boone

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