Pacific Crest Trail, Week 2, Idyllwild to Big Bear City, 5.25.17

The second week on the PCT has been interesting. There has been quite a variety of weather and terrain. Much of the first section has been desert, but when the trail gets higher, above 7000 feet or so, there are pines and more forested areas.  

This week was the first time really hot weather was encountered as we descended Fuller Ridge and crossed the valley near Palm Springs, CA.  There were two days of over 90 degree temps. In this case, the strategy is to hike when it is cool and take a very long break of 4-6 hours in the middle of the day when it is hot. Some hikers even hike at night by headlamp to avoid the heat.

Thankfully, as the trail gained altitude toward Big Bear City, the breezes and cooler temperatures were back!  

The 200 mile mark was passes this week, plus I realized that I am over 1/3 of the way through the desert section.  

Pictures from this week, below.

Lovely scenery leaving Idylwilld:

The 200 mile mark!

A look back to the Whitewater River Valley and the mountains where I had traveled in the past few days.  

Rattlesnake!  This is the second one I’ve seen.  It was moving rather slowly, so I had to wait a while before it decided to cross the trail and go down an embankment. 

A spring, a very welcome sight in the chapparel/desert landscape.  Between guidebooks and the PCT water report, hikers can figure out where there is water and how much to carry to safely hike.

View from the trail of San Gorgonio in the distance with snow cover.

An unusual trail magic spot, complete with couch.  Inside the dumpster was all sorts of goodies for hikers, including cookies and soda.


2 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail, Week 2, Idyllwild to Big Bear City, 5.25.17

  1. Congrats on 200 miles! Dumpster diving for trail magic, now thats funny. I’m think that umbrella is getting lots of use in that hot sun it’s got to be a great piece of gear for the desert. Be safe PomPom and happy trail.

    • LOL! Yes, trail magic dumpster diving! The umbrella is incredibly useful for the sun – I use it quite a bit. Thanks, LoNSlo!

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