Farewell Hike, Roger’s Ledge, 5.4.17

It has become a tradition that before I leave for a big hike the Schors and I do one last hike before I leave.  We agreed on Roger’s Ledge as a destination because it is on a list Schorman is working on and I’d never been there.  TM would also be joining us for the day.  Sounded like fun to me!

To get there we chose the approach from the South Pond Recreation Area.  It is still closed for the season, so we road walked a little less than a mile from the gate to South Pond and the start of the trail.  We headed up the Kilkenney Ridge Trail and it was a great morning.  It was cool, sunny, not buggy and mostly snow-free.  The few patches of snow were smaller on the way out, too.  The trail, although ascending, was gentle and had easy footing.  

Lady Di heading up the Kilkenney Ridge Trail.

The morning went by quickly, catching up on old news, discussing plans for the summer and remembering previous adventures.  We arrived at the ledge, explored the area and settled in for lunch and views.  

View from Roger’s Ledge out to the Presidentials.

The views were really good – the Presidentials still had some snow, the valley below had not leafed out yet, and we could see quite a bit of the nearest ranges to us, Pilot and Pliny.

After some looking, I found Roger’s Dog. It is the rock formation that looks a bit like Snoopy from the side.

Lady Di and Schorman on Roger’s Ledge.

We spent a nice time relaxing at lunch and then headed back to the car.  It was a wonderful day in the woods with friends and a good way to say good-bye until the fall.

Special thanks to my friends for such a great day.  I will see you in the fall.


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