This Summer’s Adventure . . .


Part of the new gear for this year’s adventure.

Okay, any guesses as to where I’m going this year?!?

Let’s see, there’s a jet boil, bear canister, head net, ice axe, new pack, and umbrella in that photo.  Not too many places need some or all of those items at various points along the way.

If you guessed Pacific Crest Trail, you’d be right!  Sorry, no prize for guessing correctly.


Let’s add to that stuff in the first photo, these maps. Yes, that’s all of them. Printed on BOTH sides. NO, I will NOT carry them all at once. Just the parts I need.

In one week, on May 10, 2017, I will be starting a new adventure to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.   That probably isn’t a surprise to some of you who know of my love for long distance hiking.

It should be a great adventure, and very different from the Appalachian Trail which I hiked in 2015.  I hope to follow the same format from the AT for the PCT for posting trail updates.  There should be a weekly post or so with photos and a little commentary.   Posting might be a bit sparse when I am working my way through the Sierra, but I will try to keep things as up to date as possible.  Speaking of the Sierra . . . .

Yes, I know it is a high snow year.  I’ve been watching the snow levels since January.  I’m concerned a bit about the snow travel (but I think I’ve done some of that, plus I did take a glacier travel class in April to practice with the ice axe), but I am really concerned about the high water level stream crossings.   Your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated especially during the Sierra portion of the trip!

There might be one more post from New Hampshire, as there is a traditional last hike in the works for later this week.  After that, look for updates from the PCT or Ethan’s summer adventures.


8 thoughts on “This Summer’s Adventure . . .

  1. Have a fun and safe time hiking the PCT, that umbrella and lots of sunblock will be your best friend in the desert against that sun! I’m wishing you safe travels throughout the Sierra’s over the water crossings and passes. May you have great weather along the way for a challenging and rewarding experience over 2,6500 miles!


  2. You will be in my thoughts and prayers daily, Summerset. This is a long challenging hike and I wish you all the best. I look forward to your periodic posts and photos!
    Aunt Jan

  3. Summerset,

    Wow, the time has come and you are on your big PCT adventure! What a blessing and challenge. Best of luck and you will be in our prayers. We look forward to hearing how it goes. You know a thing or two about snow anyway…


    • Thank you, John! I apreciate yout thoughts and prayets. Looking forward to sharing the journey with everyone.

  4. Humm, I am not surprised that you would take on this wonderful long trail the PCT. Knowing your experience level you will be just fine with all the new challenges ahead. Can’t wait to see your hike unfold. You will be in my prayers for a fun safe hike.
    Happy Trails!

    • LoNSlo!!!!! So happy to hear from you! Thanks so much for your prayers. There should be an update today, I am in Idyllwild, CA, mile 179. Stay tuned.

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