Going Where the Bears Are.  JMT 2016. 6.25.16

Yes, that’s a bear canister and the good old long distance pack ready for another trek.  No, the cute cat is not part of the adventure.  He’s just photo-bombing.

So, where are we going that requires a bear canister?  We, my son and I, will be hiking the 220 mile John Muir Trail in California this summer.  Ethan will be able to join us on the trek through Yosemite and then Cameron and I will continue on toward Mt. Whitney.  We have planned what is known the long distance hiking world as a flip-flop.  This is when a hike is not completely straight through from point A to point B, but rather starts in the middle, proceeds to one terminus, returns to the middle and the heads in the other direction to the other terminus.  Sounds a bit complex and like there are extra logisitcs, right?

Yes, but if you have read about the new permit regulations and how difficult it is to get a classic north to south permit from Happy Isles in Yosemite National Park through to Mt. Whitney (the two endpoints of the JMT), you’d be looking for alternatives, too.  Because of the popularity of the JMT, I am happy with an alternative itinerary and the ability to get the permits from Inyo National Forest with a little less fuss.

We have been planning this trip since this January and it looks like between planes, cars and buses we will be on our way to Mammoth Lakes, CA and picking up the JMT at the Devil’s Postpile National Monument and heading northward through to Yosemite and the Happy Isles trail head.  Once we arrive there, we will take a bus back to Mammoth Lakes, take a day off and the start southward toward Mt. Whitney and ultimately, Whitney Portal.

I can’t promise regular updates, as cell signal in the Sierra is pretty rare, but eventually I will post the details of our adventure.


4 thoughts on “Going Where the Bears Are.  JMT 2016. 6.25.16

  1. I’ve hiked through that area way back in 1999 following the Pacific Crest Trail. The two trails overlap a lot, but due to the snow conditions at the time I did not detour off the PCT and hike up to Mt. Whitney. I wish I had, but it still may have been the best choice at the time. I do want to go back some day. Enjoy and take lots of pictures.

    • Thanks for sharing! It is hard to know sometimes what the right decision is when you’re in the middle of a hike. (More on that to follow!). I do hope you get back there some day!

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