Mellow Miles on the Moose 6.18.16

Ethan here, redlining and peakbagging on Moosilauke today. Went in from Glencliff Trailhead, then headed down Hurricane Trail. First several tenths of Hurricane are overgrown in places, and plagued with minor blowdowns. Easy to follow, however. Middle section had some pending re-routes, according to the notes written on some orange flagging. The last section of Hurricane between the junction with the Carriage Road and Gorge Brook is a lovely singletrack mile, some of the nicest tenths in the Whites – hard to believe it even exists in our world of rocks and roots.

Rest of the hike was unremarkable — Gorge Brook, Carriage Road and Glencliff Trail are well-traveled and in good shape. Spur to South peak of Moosilauke is well marked and very easy to follow. Don’t skip it if you’re in the area – lovely views from South peak back to the main summit.

Met AT thru-hiker Mexican Buddha (Daniel) taking a break about 3 tenths from the top of Glencliff Trail. He was doing okay, but looked pretty tired struggling up Moosilauke with his full pack. I wish I’d had something more to offer than encouragement and advice, but I was hiking super light. He was headed for Beaver Brook shelter, and was hoping to make it into town for NBA Finals Game 7.

Also met Dana, a barefoot hiker I know through Garmin Connect. He’s the real deal, folks! He was 2 tenths from the top of Glencliff Trail in his bare feet. Zero drop and ultra-minimal footwear. 😉 Snazzy stash, too!

I made it a point to hike slower today. After a sub-4 hour Cabot, Summerset and I just felt beat up. We can do the faster hikes, but we pay for it later. Aches and pains in feet and knees and elsewhere for 24-48 hours. Plus, I’ve been nursing an ankle that’s preventing me from safely trail running. So I really backed off today, which was a very different experience. I actually enjoyed the hike today. How novel. It wasn’t some sort of high mileage death march where I’m staring at my GPS watch, taking in data, and doing math in my head to meet some self-imposed time goal. Result? I’ll reserve full judgment until the morning, but overall, my feet feel better. My knees feel better. I feel appropriately sore in my quads (the descent down Glencliff was rocky and a little steep), but not “beat up.”

A note on the Garmin Tempe sensor for gadget nerds. The Tempe is an ANT+ external temperature sensor that pairs with my fancy Fenix 3 watch and lots of other Garmin devices. I had the Tempe clipped to the back of my pack to avoid false body-heat readings. Still, the Tempe seems to read high in direct sunlight. While the trees got smaller as the elevation climbed, there was a good bit of direct sun on my back for several tenths, and the Tempe readings climbed into the 90s. It just wasn’t that hot in reality.

This was peak #40 on my second round of the 48. I need Cannon, the Carters, the Osceolas, Moriah, and Isolation to finish round 2. This was also grid peak #112.

For all the data about this hike…

Along Hurricane Trail, a couple of miles in or so, heading roughly east. Lots of orange flagging along the corridor. Some of the flagging clearly indicated trail work to come.


View of Moosilauke summit from South Moosilauke Peak. You get a sense of just how lovely this day was.



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