Appalachian Trail, Week 21, 8.25-31.15

This week, the miles have continued to roll by and some of the hardest terrain on the trail is now done. 

There were a few neros this week, meaning that the hiking days were short into town for a half day off from the trail for rest and resupply.  This helped to break up some of the rugged but beautiful terrain of southern Maine.

One of the most important moments this week was passing the 2000 mile mark.  It was exciting, yet a but surrreal to contemplate having walked that far.

It is hard to believe that in little over a week this trail will be done.  There are still adventures to look forward to before it is over and before the finish on Katahdin.


Blueberries! BigSky and I picked a bag of blueberries as a surprise for the group. There were so many blueberries on Bemis Mountain that we just couldn’t pass up!


The summit of Saddleback Mtn. overlooking Rangeley Lake.


A lunch spot looking toward the Horn, just after Saddleback.


The plaque near Sugarloaf commemorating the completion of construction of the AT.


2000 mile mark. Less than 200 to go.


Purple aster. This flower blooms in late summer and early fall, reminder that the seasons are about to change and the summer is almost over.


Yes I did, in Stratton, ME. I would have got the tshirt, but would have had to carry it with me to Katahdin.


Horns Pond and the Horns in the Bigelows on cloudy day.



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