Appalachian Trail, Week 20, 8.18-24.15

This week I have left New Hampshire and am back in Maine!  I hiked the first 100 miles of Maine last year, and it was exciting to be back.  Of course crossing the last state line was pretty exciting, too.  

Before I left NH, I was able to see quite a few of my hiking friends in the trail.  It was a big encouragement to see them as I hiked northward.

The 1900 mark is behind me and soon I will pass the 2000 mark.  Seems a bit surreal, but so is that fact that this journey is getting close to the end.  Just a few hundred more miles to go!

Special thanks to G. Jubinville, GregYEAH!, Per and Cinilla, and LadyDi  and Schorman for coming out and seeing me on the trail!


1900 miles done!


Another 1900 miles marker. Someone got real creative with the moose poop.


Last state line! There will be a lot more “lasts” in the next few weeks. We have already been to the last Wal-mart and the last real grocery store.


Fun on ladders. BigSky is almost ready to ascend.



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