Appalachian Trail, Week 18, 8.5-11.15

It has been an exciting week on the trail!  I have finally hiked back to my home state, New Hampshire.  

Before that, I had to finish up Vermont.  Vermont was a really nice state.  It was drier, with much less mud than my previous trip on the same trails and the weather was mich cooler.  This was a big relief, as there were definitely some hot and humid hiking days this summer.  The footing was nice, too and the terrain just rolled along.

Milestones this week were passing the 500 miles to go sign, going over 1700 miles, and passing Maine Junction.  Maine Junction is where the Long Trail and the Applachian Trail split, just north of Rt. 4 in Vermont.  I had been there once before on my Long Trail trip, taking the trail that lead to Canada.  This time, I took the trail that leads east to New Hampshire and Maine.

Now that I am back in New Hampshire, it won’t be long before I am back in the Whites and on familiar trails.


500 miles to Katahdin. Sounds like a lot, but at this point in a thru-hike it doesn’t sound that bad.


Beautiful day to be on Killington. Beside the great views, they also have a new restaurant on the summit, which is an attraction for hikers. Lunch was delicious.


Maine Junction. Time to head east to New Hampshire.



Podunk does exist! It is in Vermont.


The border of Vermont and New Hampshire on the bridge over the Connecticut River. It was exciting getting back here.



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