Appalachian Trail, Week 17, 7.29-8.4.15

Being back in New England has been exciting and this week was even better as I hiked into Vermont and onto familiar trails.  
I hiked the Long Trail with my son in 2013, and it has been fun to rehike the first 100 miles of Vermont and to remember the adventures we had.  

Vermont has been much drier than my last trip, with less mud. the temperatures are cooler than the Mid-Atlantic states, and both things have made the hiking much easier this week.

The 1600 mile mark was passed this week and next week, the 1700 will be passed along with crossing the border into my home state, New Hampshire!


Mass./Vermont border. On to familiar trails.


View from the Glastonbury firetower. Last time, I was not able to go up the tower due to the weather.


Shadow of the Glastenbury firetower.


Stratton Pond in the morning.



Cairns at White Rocks. Over the years, hikers have made wuite a sculpture garden.



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