Appalachian Trail, Week 16, 7.22-28.15

The weeks are starting to fly by and so are the miles.  The New England states are smaller and hiking through them is much quicker than Virginia was.

The 1500 mark was passed this week, along with hiking into Massachusetts. Massachusetts has been interesting, with a change in the forests to more like northern New England.  There is more ascending than there has been in recent weeks, which is good to prepare for the tougher terrain to come.  

In the next few days, I will be back in Vermont and on familiar trails.  Lots of exciting terrain coming up!


1500 miles done! Getting closer to Katahdin!


Sages Ravine near the border of CT and MA. Beautiful place, which really reminded me of home.


The state line sign for Massachusetts. Actually the line was a bit further back, but it was nice to have a sign.


Ledgy ridge line. It was really nice to be able to enjoy the views along this stretch. Pacer is a few ledges ahead in the center of the photo.


Monument on Mt. Greylock. It was pouring rain when we arrived, so we took a break in the nearby Bascom Lodge and then headed out when the rain stopped.


The clouds just starting to break up over the Mt. Greylock monument.



2 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail, Week 16, 7.22-28.15

  1. Oh, bummer, you did miss me. I was a bit north of there by then. Would have been great to meet you in person!

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