Appalachian Trail, Week 15, 7.15-21.15

It seems like it has been a very fast week!  I was still in New York last week, and tomorrow I will be finishing Connecticut and entering Massachusetts!

Departing Ft. Montgomery, I walked across the bridge over the Hudson River, and continued through New York.  A few days later, I reached a really important personal milestone:  I crossed the state line into Connecticut which meant I was back in New England!  It will be nice to get back to trails I am familiar with on the mext few weeks.

Connecticut is almost done and there are more big milestones coming up next week.  Just under 700 miles to go.

Looking back to the Bear Mtn. Bridge over the Hudson River, which I had just crossed.

At the Dover Oak, the largest oak tree on the AT.


At the Connecticut state line, back in New England!


Great Falls on the Housatonic River near Salisbury, CT.



2 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail, Week 15, 7.15-21.15

  1. I have followed this blog (and you sewing one) since hiking in the Whites is an activity my family does. Seeing your picture of the Bear Mountain Bridge which I have walked across many times when I lived in NY said to me “she is close to home”. Yes I know some of the hardest work is yet to come but I will hope for gorgeous days like today as you do the Presidentials and Katahdin!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Ellen! It is exciting to be close to home. I’m praying we get good weather!

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