Appalachian Trail, Week 14, 7.8-14.15

It has been a great week on the trail. Pennsylvania is behind me.  The terrain was mostly flat with only occassional elevation changes, so the  challenge of the state was the footing.  Pennsylvania was rocky, with every size rock imaginable from large boulders to sharp little pebbles.  I had to pay careful attention to where and how I stepped.

New Jersey which I also finished this week much better in regards to the rocks, .  It also had more views, a lot of ledges which reminded me of home, some swampy areas, and (important for a hungry thru-hiker) places to eat near the trail.

I am now in New York and it is similar to New Jersey, but also getting more like New England.  Of course that would be because I am getting closer to New England.  I’ll be in Connecticut next week.

Looking forward to another fun week on the AT!


Crossing into New Jersey on the bridge over the Delware River.

A timber rattler, headed across the road. I haven’t seen very many snakes. Thankfully.

Fire tower in New Jersey. The top was locked, but I was able to climb up all the way to the top of the stairs.

Trail magic! This was an really nice one, complete with corn on the cob, hamburgers, hot dogs and other assorted treats. A very special thank you to the Hunterdon, NJ Hiking Club for providing such a great spread.

Swampy area of NJ with boardwalk. It was certainly different from the forests we were used to walking through.

New Jersey and New York state line. One more state done, six to go.

An example of some of the rock and ledge in New York.

Another highway crossing. This one was particularly busy, being only 34 miles from New York City.

First views of the Hudson River from Black Mtn. I will cross the Hudson River next week.


2 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail, Week 14, 7.8-14.15

  1. Hi Summerset! Just a brief note to let you know that I’ve been religiously following your progress along the AT via your blog postings. Very best wishes for ‘happy trails’ as you work your way northward toward Katahdin!


  2. Thanks for the well wishes John! Glad you are following along. I am in New England now, so I am getting closer to the end.

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