Appalachian Trail, Week 13, 7.1-7.7.15

This week marks three months on the trail!  It has been a week full of miles and milestones.

The 1200 mile mark was passed this week and tomorrow I will pass the 1300 mile mark.  That means less than 900 miles to the end.  I will also finish the 7th state, Pennsylvania, which is half of the number of states the AT passes through.  

Pennsylvania has been a different sort of state, with less elevation gains and losses (meaning flat!), but rocky footing in places.  I expected it to be worse than it was, but I still have sore feet.  There is always some sort of trade off, with no state being any “easier” than the others.  Each one has its own characteristics.

Next week brings New Jersey and New York, which means I’m getting closer to New England and home!


Bright red shelf fungus at one of the campsites.


BigSky crossing a stream on a large log. Most stream crossings are easier than this one, with just some rock hopping involved.


1000 miles left to go!


1200 miles done!


The world’s largest Cabela’s. We made a stop here in Hamburg to get new boots for one of the group.


Trail magic! This was a real treat as water sources have been far apart and we rarely get fruit on the trail.


BigSky hiking up out of Lehigh Gap. This was a fun little scramble which reminded me of home in NH.


Looking down to the Lehigh Gap and River.


The trail goes through a superfund site. Due to over 100 years of zinc smelting in the area, the ridge was denuded. In the past 30 years or so, the area is starting to revegetate and looking better.



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