Appalachian Trail, Week 12, 6.24-30.15

It has been an exciting week on the AT!    Harper’s Ferry is not quite the halfway point, and this week the real halfway point was passed.  The 1100 mile mark was passed, too.

In addition to those two milestones, the states of West Virginia and Maryland are complete.  With the crossing of the Mason-Dixon line, I am officially back in the north and in Pennsylvania.  

Along the way, the terrain has changed a bit.  It is  bit more flat, with less steep climbs and even quite a bit of farm fields to hike through. In addition to that, there is fruit ripe for the picking if I keep a careful eye out.  So far, our group has had mulberries, cherries, raspberries and some early blueberries.  While it isn’t a lot of food, it is a nice treat since we don’t often get fruit on the trail.

Looking foward to next week, and whatever that will bring!


The original Washington Monument in PA. The monument in the capitol is the second one. The trail goes through the state park where the monument is located.


At the Mason-Dixon line, back in the north.


A bag of cherries we picked in PenMar park. We enjoyed these for a few days.


At the real halfway point. This sign is moved every year to the correct location as the trail length changes slightly each year.


At the permanent halfway point sign, 4 miles north of the other one.


1100 miles. We can almost start counting down miles now.


Black raspberries, some ready to eat.


Hiking through farmland.


The trail goes over or under interstate highways, too.


Crossing the Susquehanna River, the trail crosses many large rivers including Potomac and Shenandoah.



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