Appalachian Trail, Week 11, 6.17-6.23.15

It has been a big week in that some major milestones have been passed.  First, Virginia is finally done!  After 540 miles and a lot of hard work, West Virginia finally arrived.  On the way, the 1000 mile mark was passed.  

Harper’s Ferry is important because it is the psychological half way point, because it means a stop at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Headquarters and because some of my family was coming to visit.  At the ATC, I got my second number.  I was #1070 to leave Amicalola Falls in Georgia, at Harper’s Ferry I was #697 to come through.  

I had a great time with my family, and am looking forward to more exciting things next week!

1000 miles!

Crossing the Shenandoah River right before Harper’s Ferry.


At the ATC, posing for my official photo.


I am #697, and officially in the 2015 book.


Last look at Harper’s Ferry before heading north.


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