Appalachian Trail, Week 10, 6.10-16.2105

This week’s adventure was a trek through Shenandoah National Park.  The park was an interesting place, with both good and bad qualities for the thru-hiker.  

The trail through the park weaves back and forth over the Skyline Drive many, many times.  This was a little odd since we wete used to hiking in the woods away from roads.  Because of Skyline Drive, we also had acccess to many Waysides and campground stores.  It was certainly nice to get the extra food and drinks, but it also slowed our progress down.  For the tired, hungry thru-hiker, these places were too good to be true and many got trapped too long at them.  We finally established a one hour rule for visiting such places and it worked we for us.

Supposedly, there are a lot of bears in the park.  I didn’t see bears until the last day in the park, when we saw mother and a cub.  They looked at us and just wandered off into the brush.  What we did see a lot of was deer and fawns.  I tink we saw deer everyday and usually more than once.

The 900 mile mark has come and gone and now we are looking toward the 1000 in the next week, plus hiking into Harper’s Ferry!  


Entering Shenandoah National Park, the hiker self-registration kiosk.


Lunch at the wayside, complete with blackberry milkshake.


900 miles and counting!


Brunch at the wayside, pancakes with blackberry syrup.


Not the greatest photo, but one of of the many does and fawns that we saw in the park.


Bear poles. This is the way food bags are stored in the park. The first few times were entertaining, but we all got the hang of it eventually.



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