Appalachian Trail, Week 9, 6.2-6.9.15

Another week has rolled by on the Appalachian Trail.  There was quite a bit of rain this week, about four day’s worth, so there are not as many pictures. It is hard to take pictures when it is raining, and after a couple of days in the rain, priorities change.  Keeping everything as dry as possible becomes a top priority.

This week the 800 mile mark was passed.  I’m actually just a few days away from the 900 mile mark, so that is something to look forward to.  

This coming week is the trip through the Shenandoahs, should be fun and maybe I’ll see a bear.  I’ve seen lots of deer and other small critters, but no bears yet.  

The James River Foot Bridge. This is the longest foot bridge on the AT. As you can tell, we crossed it one rainy morning.


Crossing the James River Foot Bridge. It was actually named after a man whose last name was Foot. No kidding.


Yep, that’s a giant dinosaur. Not sure why it is there, but it is in the tiny town of Glasgow where we resupplied our food.


800 miles! Still walking!


Butterfly on my hiking poles. Guess it was attracted to the pom poms.


Tentsite, and actually a pretty level one. We had little choice in tentsites due to a nine mile stretch of trail that had been closed to camping due to bear activity. Those rocks are stable and not going to crush my tent!



2 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail, Week 9, 6.2-6.9.15

  1. Summerset,

    Wow, great job on closing in on 900 miles! Though thru hikes may seem routine based on all that has been written about them, there are very few people, even very few avid dayhikers and peakbaggers, that would actually pull it off. Keep on hiking!


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