Appalachian Trail, Week 7, 5.19-25.15

Still headed northward through Virginia!  It has been a good week on the trail, Virginia continues to offer variety in scenery, everything from pastures to cascades to just walking in the woods. 

This week, the 25% or 1/4 mark was passed.  Someone had even placed a sign on the trail, a good place for photos.  The 600 mile mark was also passed, and the 700 is coming up soon.  

This weekend, I took a much needed and great zero day at Woods Hole Hostel.  It was a great place to stay with homemade, organic meal and snack options.  Now it is on to Daleville for the next stop!


At the 1/4 way done point.


Yellow iris. The have been many purple ones, so these yellow ones stood out.


Pretty part of the trail with lots of flowers near the junction.


Climbing over a stile. There are stiles when we pass through pastures, to let us in and out and keep the cows in. It is also easier than trying to cross the barbed wire fence.


Mountain laurel in bloom. After passing these shrubs for weeks, they are now blooming and are really lovely to see.


Some pretty cascades along the trail.


600 miles and counting!


The bunkhouse and some of the gardens at Woods Hole Hostel, a great place to stay in the Pearisburg, VA area.



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