Appalachian Trail, Week 6, 5.14-18.15

I’ve been on the trail six now!  It sounds like a long time, but out here time just flies by.  Of course, I’ve been having a good time and really enjoying trail life and the trail family I’ve got.  

To add to that, this week has seen some really great scenery and more milestones.  The section of AT that I’m familiar with in New England is scenic, but the AT here is different.  We’ve walked through meadows, rhododendron thickets, and cow pastures.  The guidebook doesn’t always mention what type of terrain or vegetation is along the trail so sometimes it is a surprise when we pop out of the trees and walk through a meadow.  

The most scenic of this week’s hiking was the Grayson Highlands.  Very beautiful, rocky landscape similar to some of New England and Scotland but with the bonus of wild ponies.  We also were fortunate enough to hike around the area so that we could see it from different angles

The 500 mile mark was also passed this week. What will next week hold?  At least the 600 mile mark and who knows what else but it should be interesting!


A beautiful patch of Lady’s Slippers right by the side of the trail.


Hiking through a cow pasture, right by the cows.


Wild pony seen in the Mt. Rogers/Grayson Highlands area.


The rough and wild looking Grayson Highlands.


500 miles hiked!


A look back across to the spine of the ridge of the Grayson Highlands that we hiked the previous day.


Trail magic provided by a church ministry. They provided the hikers with snacks, drinks and tolietry items. It is always a blessing to find these little treasures along the trail.


A look out to the ridges in Virginia. The rhododendron are starting to bloom, adding extra spalshes of color tonthe landscape.



4 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail, Week 6, 5.14-18.15

  1. Cora loves the pony picture. She wants to go and ride the pony. Someday we will visit the area again. Glad I can follow your progress on your blog. See you in the Whites!

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