Appalachian Trail, Week 5, 5.5-12.15

It has been quite a week here on the AT!   North Carolina is now finished, as is Tennessee and it is now time for the trek across Virginia.  Here in Damascus, I am barely into VA, but just being here is another milestone in the journey.  I also passed the 400 mileark this week.

To get here, I’ve hiked through some interesting areas since Erwin, TN.  I’ve crossed over Roan Mtn, over grassy balds, through forests just like home in the Whites, passed Laurel Falls and Watauga Lake.

Looking forward to being back on trail soon, Mt. Rogers and the Greyson Highlands are coming up!


Guess where? Not New England, but Roan Mtn. in TN.


Looking back to Roan Mtn. from the next bald.


Hiker dinner. We usually eat dinner together, at a tentsite or shelter. This was a tentsite just off the trail.


Sunrise as we were packing up one morning. It is nice to hike in the early morning hours as the forest wakes up for the day.


A beautiful morning on Hump Mtn. complete with undercast in the valley.


Officially exiting North Carolina for the last time and entering Tennessee. The AT runs along the border and in and out of both states for a while before staying just in Tennessee.


The 400 mile mark!


Laurel Falls, near Hampton, TN.

Watauga Lake, which is very large . We hiked along part of it for the better part of a day.

Those are not rocks outside my tent. That is hail. We had a pretty exciting storm roll through one night complete with three rounds of rain, hail, thunder and lightning. Thank God we started our day early and were safe in our tents during the storm.


At the Tennessee/Virginia state line, 3.5 miles from Damascus, VA.



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