A Maine Drop-off & Redlining on Town Line Brook + Glen Boulder Trails 7.26.2014

This morning, I dropped off Summerset and Cameron in Gorham. They are heading for a 2 week hike into Maine to bag the rest of the New England 67 4,000 Footers. I was going to hike in a few miles with them, but I’ve been nursing a hamstring injury for about three weeks now. Miles make the injury worse, so I opted not to go that far. However, I couldn’t resist bagging a couple of small trail segments I need.

Town Line Brook Trail is a tiny 0.2 miles past Triple Falls, a simple hike off of Pinkham Road B, which runs between Route 2 west of Gorham and Dolly Copp Campground Road near Route 16 north of Mt. Washington. The trail is a little steep, but so short that it hardly matters. There are pleasant views to each of the falls, although there are some steep drops at certain overlooks. Families with kids should keep their little ones in hand.

Although I bagged most of Glen Boulder Trail on last week’s hike over Mt. Washington, I missed out on the first 0.4 miles because I took Direttissima to start instead of GB. So, I decided to swing in and grab that little 0.4 section as well.

The day was not much distance, but even so, my hamstring was still whining at me. I’m going to stay off of my feet for a couple of weeks due to travel anyway. Hopefully, the next time I get out there, I’ll be fully healed up.


Summerset and Cameron at Centennial Trailhead, setting off on another long distance adventure, heading into Maine. I hear there’s trolls.


Town Line Brook trailhead. Clearly marked. Room for maybe one car to park across the road from the sign, although there a little spots to park up and down the road right nearby in the unlikely event this trailhead is crowded.


Very clean trail covered with spruce needles, moss, and roots.


The waterfall has cut quite the groove into the rock.


The water was not running especially high today. I’d like to go back when it is.


More of the little falls as the climb up Town Line Brook Trail continues.


This is the upper terminus of Town Line Brook Trail, marked by that sign just across the way. I wasn’t entirely sure the trail had ended, so I’d crossed the brook just to be sure. I had lost blazes, but the trail sort of wandered higher through the brush until it was obviously no longer a trail. And there was definitely nothing but puddles of water, mud, and sadness across the brook. So, that sign is indeed the end.


Glen Boulder trailhead. This is reached from Glen Ellis Falls parking lot just south of Pinkham Notch Visitor Center.


Along Glen Boulder Trail in the first 0.4 miles. It was flat, then steep, flat then steep all the way up to the junction with Direttissima.


Glen Boulder Trail, just below the junction with Direttissima.


Glen Boulder Trail and Direttissima junction signs. GB is redlined!


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