Flags on the 48 on Mt. Tom and #44-#46 for Ethan, 9.8.12

When the signups for this year’s Flags on the 48 event opened up, we signed up to go.  We wanted to be part of the event for several years, but it never quite worked out.  We chose Mt. Tom because that was one of the peaks Ethan needed to finish his list and we thought he might pick up the other Willey Range peaks, Field and Willey as well on the same trip.

This year was not to be the year for two of us, as Cameron has lower leg injury which wasn’t healed enough for him to hike on Saturday.  We were bummed, but we know it is better to get healed up and hiking sooner rather than aggravate an injury and be away from the mountains longer.

Ethan went on without us, hiking with the group up Kedron Flume, then across the Willey Range Trail and then on to Mt. Tom to set up the flag for the memorial.

On Mt. Tom with the flag, #46 for Ethan.

The weather wasn’t perfect, but there was plenty of wind for taking nice photos of the flag.  Ethan even got a photo of the Black Hawk helicopter as it flew overhead, checking out the flags on the summits.

The Black Hawk helicopter makes an appearance.

Even though the day started off with a hard decision to stay home,  we ended the day happy knowing  that Ethan got three more peaks.   Ethan has only two peaks left, Cabot and North Twin, so we might have another NH48 finisher soon!


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