Welcome Back Carters! South and Middle, #37 & #38 for Cam, 7.30.12

It was Monday, and we were back to the Carters for yet another try to bag these peaks!  Earlier this month, we had to cut a Cats and Carters trip short, so we didn’t get to them, then Friday for various reasons, we only got to Carter Dome.  Once, again we found ourselves hiking in 19 Mile Brook and up the pretty nice (at least we think) Carter Dome Trail.

Back at the 19 Mile Brook and Carter Dome Trail junction for another fun day on the Carters.

Once we arrived at Zeta Pass, we took an early lunch break and saw the first people of the day, a couple of north bound thru-hikers.  We’d leap frog them for a little bit before they finally took off somewhere between South and Middle Carter.  We headed up the Carter Moriah Trail towards South Carter, and enjoyed the trail, with lots of bog bridges, and only a few steep portions before arriving at the summit of South Carter.  One down, one to go!

Sunlight filtering through the trees onto the bog bridges heading toward South Carter.

At the South Carter summit, #37 for Cameron. The sign is on the side of the tree facing west – not easily seen until you walk around the tree.

We then started the trek over to Middle Carter.  It starts off with a drop down to the col in stages and then a climb back up, with some ledgy sections to keep things interesting.  The last time I was through here, I completely missed the cairn and sign (if it was even there) for Middle Carter.  This time, I knew to keep an eye out for it.  We arrived sooner than we thought to a small cairn in a slightly wider section of trail and some Sharpie marker on a dead tree that indicated the summit.    Whew!  Now for the descent.

At Middle Carter, #38 for Cameron.

In lieu of a sign, Sharpie marker indicates the summit.

The trail led over more ledges, from which we got some nice views.  The day was a little hazy, but clear enough to see easily into Maine and across to the Presidentials, although they were a bit cloud-capped.

Descending some ledges to the bog bridges below.

Cloud-capped Presidentials today. They did clear, and we got some nice views on the ride home.

More bog bridges!

We made it to the North Carter Trail and took a left to start the long descent back to Rt. 16.  Although it had been partly cloudy all day, we only got a brief rain shower while on the the North Carter Trail.  The North Carter trail ended at the Imp Trail and we picked up the south portion of the Imp Trail for the rest of the descent.  I forgot how rocky the trail was!  Despite that, the trip down seemed shorter this time, plus the footing got better, so we were able to pick up the pace a bit.  We found the side trail to Camp Dodge and in a few more minutes, we were through Camp Dodge and on to the car!

Taking a break at the Carter-Moriah and North Carter Trail junction.

Fungus among us! I had to resist the urge to snap a lot of photos of different varieties of fungus along the way. I saw quite a few different colors from bright oranges and yellows to these purple/brown ones.

Almost to Camp Dodge!

We were really thankful for another good day in the mountains and to finally have those peaks bagged!  Not too many left for Cameron now!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Back Carters! South and Middle, #37 & #38 for Cam, 7.30.12

  1. You’re doing such a remarkable job of documenting Cameron’s quest for the NH48! A compilation of all 48 reports will make an outstanding gift for him (+ Mom and Dad) to treasure for years to come!

    I know exactly what you mean about having to resist the urge and stop to take photos of all the really neat trailside things (such as, “fungus among us”) that are encountered along the way. Many of these things are so common, and yet at the same time, so very special!!


  2. Thanks, John! I think the only one I don’t have documented in a blog post is Cam’s first one, Hale. He did that one a few years before we got serious about working on the list.

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