Tecumseh, #6 for Dakota, 6.19.12

Dakota still wants to hike, so yesterday we were off for another easy adventure:  Tecumseh.  She wanted to hike it from the ski area side, so that’s what we did.

Ready to start the relatively short journey to the summit of Tecumseh.

The trail is the same as always, although it looked like some rock work had been done in the first section of trail for drainage and erosion purposes.  I hadn’t been on this side of the mountain for a couple of months, so it was hard to remember, but the work looked recent.

New rock work? I don’t remember this from April, but I could be wrong!

We crossed the stream, hiked up the hill, and through the flatter sections, getting near the large log and when we got the large log, it was gone!  Well, not exactly gone, but rather it had been cut into sections and moved off the trail.  That was a large tree, and a lot of work must have gone into the removal of the section over the trail.

The large tree has been removed and moved off the trail.

We continued on and up to the outlook.  Dakota had skied the slope that the trail lead to, and was surprised to see how deep the grasses and ferns were on the slope.  After investigating the slope and getting a snack, it was time for the long haul up hill.

On the ski slopes, very green today!

This section always seems the longest to me, but in the end, it levels out and the Sosman Trail junction appears.  She decided she wanted to continue ahead on the Mt. Tecumseh Trail, so we kept to the right and headed up to the summit that way.  Once at the summit, we tried to get some views, but it was too hazy and even the Tripyramids were not clear.

At the summit, #6 for Dakota.

When it was time to descend, she decided she wanted to try to the Sosman Trail down to the junction with a Tripyramid Trail, so off we went down the other side of the summit cone.

Time to descend the other side of the summit cone.

Then came the long descent.  Almost at the bottom she wanted to explore another, unmarked side trail out to the ski slopes that she had seen on the way up.  I knew it was there, but had never followed it, so off we went to check that out.  The trail leads to a small lift and then out onto the slopes.

At the end of the side trail, one of the ski lifts and extra chairs.

Under the lift and out on the ski slopes.

She wanted to walk down the slopes, so I said we could and then get back on the trail at the short outlook trail.  She thought it might be easier to descend the ski slopes.  In reality, it is just different than the trail filled with rocks.  The ski trails have tall vegetation, and hidden rocks and streams, and are not as smooth and manicured as they look  from a distance.  Undeterred, she wanted to keep going, so down we went, ducking back into the woods at the right place and back to the car.

She said she felt like she was in the Alps somewhere. Doesn’t this look like some of those opening scenes from Sounds of Music? Well, minus the obviously modern hiking gear.

We had a fun morning and she’s got one more peak on her list.  I think Hale is next on her list!

Nice view of the Osceolas from the ski slope.


3 thoughts on “Tecumseh, #6 for Dakota, 6.19.12

  1. Well, first of all, congrats to Dakota for completing another NH 4K peak!

    And secondly, I agree completely about that one photo looking like one of those opening scenes from the Sound of Music! I can’t recall if the Wildcat Ski folks still allow summer hiking on the Polecat Trail. However, if they do, then perhaps Dakota would enjoy hiking that trail for another Sound of Music experience and knock off another 4K peak in the process!

    Lastly, did you have any issues with ticks when walking the ski trails? I detest those “suckers”!


  2. Way to go girls! All that amazing tail work was done by Jeremy (rocket21) and his friend Mike (?). I met them both last year while they were creating artistic water bars. Nice report!

  3. John: Thanks! I’m not sure about what’s going on at Wildcat these days. I know that I hiked up the ski trails last summer as a Plan B on a rainy day instead of Wildcat Ridge and the gondola operator didn’t think much about it at all and apologized that he didn’t have a map to give me. We had no issues with ticks, although we were both wearing long pants. Long pants aren’t completely fool proof, but a bit better than shorts. In fact, I wear long pants frequently as there’s less skin exposed to insects and I don’t get as scratched up by brush.

    Rich: Thanks! I’ve seen some nice work by Jeremy and his crew on Mt. Tecumseh. I’ve made several trips to Tecumseh and I’ve seen quite a bit of improvement over the past year, especially the rock work in the upper section.

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