Passaconaway, #29 for Cameron 6.8.12

Cameron is getting to the point in his list where we’ve pretty much got the rest of the hikes planned, so our choices were either the Tripyramids or Passaconaway.   As soon as I gave him the weather forecast for Friday, his gut reaction was to go for Passaconaway and save the Tri’s for a better day.

Up bright and early, we headed up to Ferncroft Rd. to start the trek up Dicey’s Mill Trail to the summit.  The weather was cool, but sunny, which was promising for a nice day.

Entering into the Sandwich Range Wilderness, .8 mile from the Dicey’s Mill trailhead.

The first part of the trail was fairly easy, although with the recent rain quite a bit wetter than I remembered.  There are plenty of rocks in the trail, so it was easy enough to hop through the wet sections, just like all the toads we saw on the trail.  We arrived at the one stream crossing and fortunately, there was a nice large birch log to cross.  We both decided on a crossing method and headed across sucessfully.

Cameron chose scooting across the log.

I chose to cross by walking across the log with the help of poles.

After a snack, we headed up the middle section. The middle section of Dicey’s Mill Trail has a nice moderate grade the whole way up to the junction with the Rollins Trail.  It isn’t hard and isn’t long, but it consistent for 1.4 miles.  We arrived at the junction, much to Cameron’s suprise after accusing me of seeing bracket fungus when I knew I had seen the trail junction sign.

All that was left was the last section, which had a rocky section which was probably the most fun part of the day.  By this point,  the clouds had started to gather and we soon found ourselves in the clouds.  This part of the forest was very mossy and dark, which gave this section a distinctly different feeling than the lower portions of trail.  We zipped up the switchbacks and then start up the rocks, enjoying the different terrain.

Heading up part of the rocky section.

We arrived at the lookout ledge and admired the clouds and few tree tops that we could see and then headed to the summit.  This is another one of those not well-defined high points in the woods, with no views, but it is a summit and it did count!

Let’s see, this view has the Tripyramids on the left and the Kanc on the right, but you wouldn’t know it today.

At the summit of Passaconaway, #29 for Cameron.

We took our pictures and then headed right back down to the lookout where it started to rain.  We took shelter in the trees, put on our rain gear, ate a snack and decided it would be a good idea to move quickly back down to the car.

The trip down was uneventful, we saw only one other hiker with two friendly dogs, and by the time we got back to the stream crossing, the rain had stopped and the sun was out again.  We stopped by the bridge on the Blueberry Ledge Cutoff to not only check out the bridge, but also look at the fast flowing and high water of the Wonalancet River.

Wonalancet River from the bridge on Blueberry Ledge Cutoff.

Back out at Ferncroft Road, we were happy with another successful peak bagged.  As a special treat, we stopped at Sandwich Creamery for ice cream.  Sandwich Creamery is very close to Ferncroft Rd., which makes it convenient for celebrating after a hike.



6 thoughts on “Passaconaway, #29 for Cameron 6.8.12

  1. Given the overcast conditions you encountered, I think Cameron choice of Passaconaway was a wise decision. Although there certainly are nice vistas from Passaconaway, the views from the Tripyramids are much better, at least in my opinion.

    So, fingers are crossed that the trek to the Tripyramids will be a blue-bird day!

    Congrats to Cameron for completing #29!


  2. John – Yes, I think he made the right choice, considering the plans for the Tripyramids. If the Lord wills and the creek doesn’t rise, we’ll hike the Tripyramids this week. Thanks for the congrats, he’s happy to work on getting the list done.

  3. Great trip report. I did this hike recently and was brave enough to walk across the tree to cross the water, but it was at the end of the hike. I would have done the same thing if I had to risk being wet all day! 🙂

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