To Be Continued . . . Ethan’s 4-Day Backpack

Yesterday I dropped Ethan off at the Livermore Trail to start a four day trip that would include the Tripyramids, Whiteface, Passaconaway and Chocura.  With a four day weekend from work and reasonable weather the plan is to for him to hike for four days and for the rest of us to meet him at the summit of Chocura on day four, and to hike out with him.  We’ll get to hike Chocura and hear all about his adventure on the way out.

At the Livermore Trail head, all ready to go!

The weather was cloudy and rainy when we got the Livermore Trail.  My original plan was to drop him off and then head down Tripoli road to hike the Osceolas.  I scratched that plan and decided to hike in with him as far as the Mt. Tripyramid Trail to the North Slide.   We got to spend a little time hiking together, explore a trail I had never been on, and gather a little trail info for my son’s upcoming trip to the Tripyramids.

The hike in was pretty easy, as the Livermore trail is wide and has gentle grades.  Passing many side trails, we arrived at the Mt. Tripyramid Trail quicker than I thought.  Just as we arrived, and took a quick break, it started to rain.  Quickly all the rain gear went on, we said goodbye, with him heading up to the Scaur Ridge trail to begin the ascent of North Tripyramid and me back down the Livermore Trail to the car.

The immediate descent to Avalanche Brook at the Livermore and Mt. Tripyramid Trail junction.

Getting ready to hike on in the rain.

The trip back to the car was quick and easy, even in the rain.  I only saw one other person on the way back, and enjoyed the rainy woods all by myself.   Even with the rain, the woods were quiet and calm, smelling of plants and dirt and summer.  I missed the smell of the woods – in the winter, it isn’t the same.  Nothing is growing very much, if at all, the snow covers it all and if that isn’t enough, a runny nose usually ruins any capacity to smell.  Today wasn’t like that – just the woods alive and growing around me.

Rainy, yet alive, Livermore Trail.

To be continued next week, with our adventure to Chocura.


2 thoughts on “To Be Continued . . . Ethan’s 4-Day Backpack

  1. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Curious about food menus and shelter… the pack looked very light.

  2. Rich: His pack weight was about 25# or so, including food and water. So, not too heavy, but might have been able to go lighter. He used the standard Mountain House meals and a 2p Mountain Hardware tent. He could have taken my 1p ultralight tent, but he declined it when I offered it. Just some things to keep in mind for future trips!

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