Two Week Time Lapse, Tecumseh, 4.4.12

My original plan for the day was to hike somewhere else, but due to the forecast winds, I decided to go back to Tecumseh.  I hiked Tecumseh a few weeks ago in March, and it was interesting to note how much the trail had changed in just a couple of reasonably warm weeks!  This trip, of course, is also another Carpool Challenge.  Even with the limited amount of time, I did do a little exploring of new-to-me-trail, which you’ll see later in the post.

As usual, I arrived at the ski area in Waterville Valley, and since the ski area is now closed, I had the whole parking lot to myself.  Not that I needed it, but even two weeks ago, the die-hard skiers were still on the slopes.   I started up the trail in bare boots, a real treat after hiking in some sort of traction for the past few months.  It was nice to feel the trail and rocks under foot.   The first stream crossing came up quickly and to my delight it was much easier to cross this time.  Two weeks ago, I had to search along the stream for a good place to cross due to the high and fast moving water.  This time I hopped across easily on the rocks at the proper trail crossing.

First major water crossing. On the left, two weeks ago; on the right, today and a much easier crossing.

The trail was pretty clear until closer to the second major stream crossing, where the hard packed snow and ice was still hanging around.  The crossing was more open than last time, and like the first crossing, with much less water.

Second major crossing. On the left, two weeks ago; on the right, today. Much less snow today and more rocks on the far side are exposed.

I pushed on to the right hand turn, and the ski slope outlook before taking a break and putting on the microspikes.  While at the outlook, I noticed that almost all the snow was gone from this particular ski run, in contrast to the early stages of melt-out two weeks prior.

Ski slopes. On top, two weeks ago; on the bottom, today. Still no skiing being done here.

After break time was over, it was time for the long uphill ascent.    Light traction was all that was needed, as there was some ice, packed snow and even bare rock in some places.   The carefully built rock staircases were just starting to show through in the upper section, and there was much less of the postholed monorail nearer the summit, with quite a bit of bare rock on the left fork of the summit approach.

Tripyramids from the summit. While the Tris are nice, I thought the sky was pretty interesting today.

A peek around to the Osceolas, with the Presidentials in the distance.

After a quick stop at the summit, I decided to check out the Sosman trail on the descent.  Of all the times that I had been to Tecumseh, I had never been down the Sosman trail.

Time to try the Sosman Trail.

The Sosman trail leads to the top of the Waterville Valley ski area, and after a quick hike through some pretty spruce forest, and passing a view good viewpoints, I arrived at the back of some buildings at the cell tower.  From here there is a rough road down to the top of the ski area, and following it, I came out to a spot where I had a view of Waterville Valley, the Tripyramids and beyond.

Pretty spruce forest. I imagine that in summer this is that really mossy, dense sort of forest that is one of my favorites.

End of the Sosman Trail, in a clearing with the cell tower buildings.

Looking back to the cell tower from the road leading down to the ski area.

View out to Waterville Valley and beyond.

Not a bad little side trail and certainly worth the 15 minute or so detour to go out and back to the ski area!

View back to the summit of Tecumseh along the return trip from the ski area on the Sosman Trail.

Overall, a really nice sunny morning to be out on the trail, with just a little new trail adventure for fun!


3 thoughts on “Two Week Time Lapse, Tecumseh, 4.4.12

  1. Hi Summerset,

    There are so much to like about all your reports. For this one in particular, I very much like the comparison photos that you included. Plus I like the shots of the sky that you took. There is so much to be seen while hiking, in addition to the sweeping vistas of our magnificent mountains. And, it was terrific that you tried a new route on your descent!


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