Who Knew? A Partial View From Tecumseh, 1.2.12

I’ve been to Tecumseh quite a few times, and really have had no views from the summit on any visit.  With it being one of those wooded summits and a short trip, it has always been put on the “hike in rain/clouds/questionable weather” list.   When friends suggested this hike, I was game as it was my only chance to hike that holiday weekend and the weather looked promising.

Upon arriving at the ski area, I discovered one of our party was going to be a little late which gave me the opportunity to take a few photos.  The light was just right and was producing beautiful coral pink clouds over the Tripyramids and surrounding trees.

Sunlight just coming over the top of the Tripyramids.

Beautiful early morning sky and clouds over the trees.

The hike itself was not difficult, as there was enough snow to cover most of the ice with only light traction needed and the trail itself became more beautiful as the snow cover became heavier as we gained elevation.  At the summit, we were treated to a winter wonderland, much different than the brown holidays we just celebrated at home.

Tecumseh's snowy summit.

At the summit, there was just enough clearing and lifting of the clouds to actually see something!  To be honest, I did not actually know what you could see from the summit and what direction you’d be facing for the limited views, since my previous trips had been in the clouds.   I supposed I could have pulled out my compass, to check!  At any rate, on this trip, I got views of the clouds just lifting off of the Tripyramids, and out further to Chocura.

The clouds were just lifting off of the Tripyramids while we were on the summit, providing a few views.

The trip down was really quick and we all agreed that we had a nice little hike.  I will definitely come back to this one when there is sunshine.  In fact, one of my friends advised me to hike this in the fall when all the leaves have changed colors.  That hike is certainly on my list!



5 thoughts on “Who Knew? A Partial View From Tecumseh, 1.2.12

  1. Love those coral-pink clouds! It’s terrific that you finally got some views from Tecumseh. The vistas are beautiful from the summit area, as well as from various points not far from the summit.


  2. Summerset,

    Looks like you made a great hike out of a mountain that has a bad reputation for views! It’s definitely one I want to visit in the winter as all the snow covered summit shots that I’ve seen look very nice. Have you ever been down the Sosman Trail? It goes to the top side of the ski trails, but worth taking a trek down. It is nearly flat, but the landscape is really nice (in the summer anyway)…and a couple good views too.

    Nice hike! Love the cloud shots, as John mentioned in his comment!


  3. Thanks John and Karl!

    @Karl: No, I’ve not been down the Sosman. Since I’ve only been to Tecumseh once in halfway decent weather, there really haven’t been any incentives to linger around the summit too long. When I go on a nice day, I’ll explore the Sosman.

  4. I hiked this in the fall and the colors from the ski slope lookout were stunning. I wish I lived closer to be able to hike as often as you.

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