Tecumseh, #22 for Cam, 8.10.11

My son and I were able to sneak in one quick hike before leaving on vacation a couple of weeks ago.  Now that we’re back and have a few minutes, I can write up the trip report.  We chose Tecumseh because it was short and easy, but still some exercise before sitting in the car for a couple of days.

We left the house very early, with hopes that we’d be back by lunch and finish the packing.  We got on the trail by 7:00a, immediately crossed the stream and headed toward the second stream crossing.

Ready to go bag another peak.

The second stream crossing is marked much better than it used to be, being less confusing now that there is a cairn marking the turn and stream crossing.  The old trail is also blocked further down the trail, making it obvious not to proceed that way.  Of course, the last time I was here without snow on the ground was about five years ago and I think the trail re-route was still new enough to cause question or something but I know that you had to watch carefully for that second water crossing.

A little dark, but the cairn now marks the second stream crossing, and the old trail is blocked, but barely seen in this photo.

We easily got to the outlook point, where you can step out onto the ski trails for a little bit of a view.  My son was surprised to see how high the grass and plants were out on the ski trails.  Despite explaining my experience hiking up the Wildcats ski trails, I guess he did not believe me that the ski trails had many rock slabs and little streams and were not mowed like a nicely manicured lawn.  After looking out onto the trails and into the mist, we ate a snack and then start the long slog up to the summit.  This part isn’t necessarily hard, but is a continuous trek upward where most of the elevation is gained.

My son looking down the ski trail, where he had previously skied in winters past.

We got to the summit easily, had our summit candy, another snack, and the requisite photo with the cairn.   It was then time for the trip down.

At the summit, #22 for him, and my third time at this summit.

We quickly made it back to the car and home before lunch.  Although we didn’t see any other hikers – no surprise as it was so early on a week day – we had a great time and got #22 for Cam.


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