#35 and #36, North and Middle Tripyramid, 5.26.11

I had a free day today, so I chose to hike and bag two peaks in the same hike.    The Tripyramids seemed like a good choice, as they’re on the list and I haven’t hiked them yet.   Since I was hiking solo and the weather has been a bit wet, I opted for the Pine Bend Brook trail instead of ascending the north slide on the Mt.  Tripyramid trail.  The weather promised to be fairly good, with partly cloudy skies and a small chance of scattered afternoon thunderstorms.

Pine Bend Brook Trailhead on the Kancamagus Highway

I drove up to the trailhead, which is right on the Kancamagus Highway and was on the trail by 7:50a.  The first part of the trail was easy, with gentle grades until you get to the Sandwich Wilderness at 2.2 miles.  There were a lot of trillium and other lilies blooming along the way.  There were many stream crossings, but each was easily crossed by rock hopping as the water was not too deep.

Entering the Sandwich Range Wilderness; not sure what happened to this sign!

Purple Trillium

Yellow Lily

The next section of the trail, gets steeper and rockier, but is only a mile to the Scaur Ridge Trail junction.

Scaur Ridge Trail Junction

The next section up to the Mt. Tripyramid Trail has a really nice easy section and then a short climb to the top.  The summit of the North Peak is just to the left of the junction at the large rocks, although there are no signs or cairns.

Mt. Tripyramid Trail junction; right leads to the North Slide, left leads to Middle Tripyramid.

North Tripyramid Summit. There are no signs or cairns, but these rocks are the high point before descending.

Continuing another .8 miles down the Mt. Pyramid trail is easy, passing the junction with Sabbaday Brook Trail.  and after a quick little climb, the middle peak summit comes up.  It was shortly after the Sabbaday Brook Trail junction that I came across the first and only hikers that I would see for the day,  a couple of guys out for an multi-day trip.  After a quick, short climb, you arrive at the Middle Peak.  There are several good viewing areas and there is a small cairn at one of them.  I got there around 10:45a and took an early lunch break.

Summit of Middle Tripyramid

It was hazy, overcast and a bit windy at the top so the views weren’t tremendous.   That was not necessarily a bad thing, because it kept the temps cool for the hike and discouraged the bugs.

View to the north from Middle Tripyramid. It was too hazy to pick out too many peaks.

View to South Tripyramid. Although over 4000 feet, it does not meet other requirements for it to be on the official list.

View to Tecumseh and the Waterville Valley ski slopes. I can remember skiing at Waterville and looking out to the Tripyramids, knowing I'd be over there some day.

After a nice lunch break, I started back down to the car around 11:00a.   I made reasonably good time back down to the car, and when I turned the car on, the car clocked showed 1:30p.  It was a good day, I got out by myself for a hike and bagged two more peaks, leaving me with 12 more to go.  I even made it home before the kids got home from school!


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