Mt. Pierce and “People Cairns”, 6/11/2010

I hiked Mt. Pierce today via the Crawford Path with the younger set.  I’d been checking the weather all week, hoping for a good day Saturday to hike with just child #2, but today looked like the better day, so I took both children.  As it turned out, the weather wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst, either.  Most of the day was spent in the clouds and there were no views from the summit to speak of due to the cloud cover:

Not quite the view we were hoping for.

The day was not lost due to poor summit views, as we got to see some nice things along the way, such as Gibbs Falls. 

Gibbs Falls, on the Crawford Path, .6 miles from the parking area.

The Crawford Path has moderate to easy grades the whole trip and even the children thought that the trail was easier than the Webster-Jackson trail they hiked last week.  They did think it was longer, which it was. 

The children at the junction of Crawford Path and Mizpah Cutoff

Hiking through the clouds was a novelty for a while, and then it became a bit mundane until  the children found the “people cairns” just off the Crawford Path on the Webster Cliff Trail on the way to the Mt. Pierce summit.  It was rather unexpected to see these small cairns looming out of the fog. 

The children with the "people cairns".

We did find the summit, so regardless of weather and views, this one counts:

USGS summit marker on Mt. Pierce


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