Mt. Jackson with the Younger Set, 6/2/2010

Last week I decided to take the children hiking with me.  Part of the criteria is that the hike can not be too long, and that the weather must be really nice.  Let’s face it, I’m not only responsible for my safety, but their safety, too.  According to the weather forecast, we had a beautiful day, now all we needed was a relatively easy hike.  I chose Mt. Jackson at the very west end of the Crawford Notch, accessed via the Webster-Jackson Trail.  The length and elevation gain seemed about right for my children. 

The trail alternated slightly steep and level sections for the first part, which was nice for the children.  We rested at the trail split (one way leads to Mt. Jackson and the other to Mt. Webster) and had a snack before continuing on.  The next section was more difficult for the children, but we made a game of being “the leader” and guessing whose turn it would be when we came out of the trees near the summit.  As soon as we came to the section where we had to scrambled up and over large rocks, we forgot about that and concentrated on helping each other up.  Since that section is short, we were soon rewarded with views at summit in all directions.  

Summit of Mt. Washington with some lingering snow

Our daughter at the trail signs in the summit area.

My son and I at the summit cairn of Mt. Jackson

Looking down to the 302 and to the Mt. Washington Hotel/Resort

View across Crawford Notch

The children had a good time, and my son has now completed his second 4, 000 footer.  He hiked Mt. Hale with me a few summers ago.  Forty-six to go for him!


One thought on “Mt. Jackson with the Younger Set, 6/2/2010

  1. People hiking Jackson should not miss Mt. Webster which is just a short hike along the AT from Jackson. Although not a 4k it has great views to the south with a rock slide drop off that will put a lump in your throat if you don’t like heights. It is well worth adding a mile to your trip. The trail off of Webster links you right back to the Webster Jackson trail at the cascade bringing you right back to your car on 302. I completed this hike this past Sunday, 6/13/10, with a couple friends. Weather north of the notches started to clear up in the afternoon making for decent views by the time we got to the Jackson summit. By the Webster summit it was sunny.

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