Me, Too: Mt. Liberty via Liberty Springs Trail

Before I get into the description of today’s hike, I should introduce myself.  I am Ethan’s wife, and I too, am working on the hiking NH’s 48 4,000 footers.  My husband hiked Liberty recently, and since I hadn’t hiked it yet, I decided it would be my next hike.

Because of the recent warm weather, trail conditions varied from dry at the bottom, to hiking trails that had been turned into streams,  to mushy snow, crusty snow and bare rock at the top.  Quite a variety, requiring a variety of traction.  I used no traction, microspikes and snowshoes depending on trail conditions.

The day itself was really nice, starting in the high 30’s when I started hiking at 6:30a and became warmer throughout the hike.  After the long slog up the slope, the great views on a clear day were a real treat.   At the summit, is was sunny and nice, with just a light breeze – not windy or miserable at all.

My plan was to continue on to the summit of Mt. Flume.  After descending the summit of Liberty, I started down into the col between the two summits and lost the trail.  The few blazes that I did see were boot high, and eventually I couldn’t find any blazes at all.  At that point, I decided it was best to turn around, go back to Liberty and to descend.  Which is exactly what I did.  Even though I didn’t summit both peaks, it was a great day.

The Ubiquitous Backpack Shot

Junction of Liberty Spring and Fraconia Ridge Trails

Looking north towards the Presidentials, still snow covered.

Looking toward Mt. Lincoln

Across Franconia Notch is Cannon Mountain

Mt. Flume - which will have to wait for another day.

A lot of water today at the stream crossings due to snow melt.

Of course, you could cross the stream at this point, too.


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